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My name is Bethany, 18 years old, i live my life with Crohn's Disease the best I can and i love my boyfriend and his family and of course my family! They have been there for me through everything!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Attention! Anyone who has Crohn's/Colitis or have family members who have it or who just want to support the cause.. Read this

  Okay so my boyfriends grandma gave me this article about Crohn's and Colitis and any other disease that accomplices with it and at the bottom was something I found very interesting and maybe fun!

  On June 26, there is a two-mile Walk-a-Thon at 5pm in Aldrich Park in Irvine. Im going obviously because I have Crohn's, so if you or a family member have it or you just want to come down and support let me know! you can e-mail me at bethany.thompson92@gmail.com I would love to see you there!

                     COME SUPPORT!                   

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